“Each piece [of wood] is unique, so we have to pay attention to it, and I certainly try to read each piece. Like people, it’s flaws are what make it interesting.” – Greg Goodman 

It all begins with a single step!!

Nestled in the pines of the city of Abbottabad, the ATTIC gets its name from the same in my parents’ home. It is here that my journey began, it is here where my brush first stroked a blank canvas and it was here that some of my best art pieces were completed. Since I was a child, I have had a keen interest in observing the subtleties in art pieces that make each and every one unique and to be able to replicate the techniques to make unique pieces of my own. It took me years get started with what i love to do and what that defines me and my ideas. As each piece of wood is unique, and if put together we can get a totally different and interesting piece. So Focusing on minor details and transforming ideas into reality that calm your space and nourishes one’s well being i design and inspire.

It was this interest and desire that led me to pursue a bachelors degree in fine arts from the National College of Arts. During my bachelors, I had great opportunities to explore my interests and guage my talents. It was then that I discovered a passion for furniture; an art form that could be as usable as it could be presentable. As my interest was always the uniqueness of each piece, I soon stumbled upon epoxy furniture, a concept not commonly known or exhibited in Pakistan. I quickly became infatuated with how much of myself I could put into this art form, how I could incorporate myself, my ideas, my emotions into the colors and patterns that this practice allows to bring and that formed the basis for my final year thesis as well. After i was finished with my studies and upon the wide acceptance portrayed by the visitors to my final year display. I knew i had found my true calling . I choose to call this venture ‘THE ATTIC’ as a name synonymous to sanctuary for me. Work was started with highly specialized and knowledgeable team to craft the first line of furniture ,which could incorporate not only the epoxy, but other similar techniques to create truly unique , works of art, art that you can dine on ,art that you can lounge on, art that you can eat food off. We aim to extend our vision not only locally,, but globally since my early years, i have found the various textures on trees to be a thing of beauty , an exquisite piece of art , so subtly  hidden in nature and i always wondered why we would take something so beautiful and erase it by standing and polishing every piece of furniture and i aimed to find a way around it, to create high quality, durable furniture without having to compromise on the beauty that can only be created by nature.

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